New book: ‘Building Integrated Programs and Services’


New book provides the latest information on establishing palliative care organisation and delivery worldwide.

Dr Stephen R. Connor, Executive Director of the Worldwide Hospice Palliative Care Alliance and co-editor of the book, said: “Palliative care is too often organised outside mainstream healthcare. If we are to meet the enormous challenges of delivering care to the 40 million worldwide who need it annually we need to imbed palliative care into existing primary, secondary, and tertiary healthcare, especially in low and middle income countries where nearly 80% of the need for palliative care exists.”


PACE coordinator prof Lieve Van den Block (VUB) and partner lead prof Sheila Payne (ULanc) contribute as co-author to a new book including the latest definitional, organizational, and clinical aspects of palliative care, moving to a focus on integrating palliative care into mainstream health care systems.

Edited by Xavier Gomez-Batiste and Stephen Connor.

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