Book with international perspectives on palliative care for older people for sale at Oxford University Press


Palliative care for older people - A public health perspective 

Van den Block, L, Albers G, Pereira SM, Onwuteaka-Philipsen B, Pasman HRW, Deliens L. Palliative care for older people: A public health perspective. Oxford University Press  

Palliative care for older people: A public health perspective provides a comprehensive account of the current state of policies towards palliative care for older people that are found worldwide. It examines an array of sociocultural issues and palliative care initiatives, from the care implications of health trajectories of older people, to the spiritual requirements of palliative care patients.

  • Global experts offer a broad and far reaching perspective.
  • Policy, research and care innovations are brought together in a comprehensive overview.
  • Clear recommendations are laid out for policy makers.
  • A coherent structure helps readers find relevant information quickly.
  • Innovative ideas and state of the art work are brought together in one volume.

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