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Engaging in research: A pragmatic approach to older people's rights[February 2016 - AGE Platform Europe's monthly newsletter]

Older people face increasing barriers to their participation to their family and societal lives, especially because the combination of functional limitations and age stereotypes exposes them to a range of inequalities, including a risk to their personal autonomy. To counteract the negative impacts of discriminating attitudes and practices and to inform academic community and a wider public on older people's needs and rights, AGE Platform Europe works on more than 20 different European projects, which refer to a wide range of issues, from health and care, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and accessibility, through mobility and build environments to tourism. One of these European projects is PACE - palliative care for older people...


Supporting Palliative Care

Protecting human rights in palliative care depends on the shared responsibility of all involved stakeholders. Comparing the effectiveness of palliative care for older people in long-term care facilities in Europe tests a comprehensive provision of palliative care in six different European countries. In September 2015, with the aim to integrate the perspective of older people in the project, AGE organised a User Forum composed of both experts from the AGE network as well as from Alzheimer Europe. The discussions included, among others, the need to deliver integrated care, to take into account the personal beliefs, the family and community context, and to adapt training programmes and healthcare's organisation. The outcome of this event will contribute to build the policy recommendations that AGE will deliver by the end of the project in 2019. In June 2016 AGE will be organising a mid-term policy conference that will aim to consolidate a more comprehensive approach to palliative care and to highlight the need to integrate it into all policies related to the care for older people.


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